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Helping those who need it most..... 

Water is the most precious resource on our planet, and is essential for most, if not all food of production. It is however a sad fact of life that a significant proportion of the world face either: 
Physical scarcity of water due to local ecological conditions or, 
Economic water stress caused by inadequate water infrastructure 
In many areas, both of these conditions are evident. 
Having developed a totally natural, non-chemical, simple but game changing technology that can address many of the world's water issues, it has become apparent during our evolution that despite Aquapulse's relatively low cost, many countries would find it unaffordable without financial support from local governments and ruling authorities. It is the case that in many areas where the need for our technology is greatest, financial constraints are the most severe. 
We therefore made the decision to donate a percentage of every batch of Aquapulse products manufactured to those who could benefit most, and afford it least. 

Some of our social enterprise projects..... 

Africa Diverse Water Supplies - Kenya  Quenching Africa's thirst...  

Africa Diverse Water Supplies Ltd is a social enterprise operating under the auspices of registered social enterprise (SE-UK) Sport Care Access, a partner in developing community based, income generating projects for people on the African continent and further afield.  
A Kenyan tomato grower at work in a Nairobi suburb nursery - 
Onesmas RIungu - Project Manager at ADWS 
They establish greenhouse farms within communities, providing full training for staff from experienced agronomists, and advisors in agri-business. 
Having established buyer agreements locally, they ensure their harvests reach communities. Support and approval by government in Kenya is encouraging, as in the future ADWS will place youth interns to train in thier projects with the added incentive of owning their own greenhouse project after training.This is where investment, (with a return) in ADWS will begin to change lives profoundly. 
We at Aquapulse water technology are proud to be supporting this project. 


Water is the planet's most precious and valuable resource, treasure it..... 

Yanabia - Israel 
Supporting the Bedouin Communities 
Yanabia was established with a clear vision: to help the Negev Bedouins become the growth engine of the Negev desert and to take their rightful place in Israeli society. 
At Yanabia, they believe in the Bedouin community's ability and commitment to drive change from within. Their mission is to kickstart the processes that will generate the necessary pressures to make the vision a reality.  
1. Map the main barriers to quality of life and their causes in each core area.(Mapping).  
2. Build innovative models for overcoming the barriers by working with the top professionals (Building).  
3. Pilot experimental proof-of-concept programs (Piloting).  
4. Scale up the pilots and export them to the community (Scaling up). 
The success of thier programs will drive local demand and eventually improve the quality of life in the Bedouin community and wider Israeli society. 
- Bedouin farmers growing herbs utilising a water efficient drip irrigation system in the arid Negev desert in southern Israel 

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