What is Aquapulse? 

Aquapulse utilises a variety of carefully formulated natural minerals which combine to enhance the efficacy of water. Contained in a food grade stainless steel cartridge, the minerals are activated upon contact with water deploying proven nano technology to deliver environmental, sustainability, and commercial benefits to a number of water dependent sectors. Aquapulse contains no chemicals or toxicants and is totally natural. 

The origins of Aquapulse 

The origins of Aquapulse 

Aquapulse began life in energy efficiency applications when it was proven that water heating and cooling systems became significantly more energy efficient when Aquapulse was installed. Our team identified the potential for developing further applications in: 
Agriculture (animal drinking water) 
Fish farming 
Grown produce 
After years of successful testing and evaluation in both commercial and academic settings, Aquapulse was born. 

Aquapulse is: 

Totally natural 


Maintenance free 

Installed in minutes 

Further research was carried out in the USA during 2022 to enable us to learn more about the mechanisms deployed by Aquapulse and identify further benefits delivered. When immersed in water, the proven nano technology behind Aquapulse® activates the product. This makes small alterations to the physical properties of water resulting in the delivery of substsantial environmental, sustainabiliy, and commercial benefits across five water dependent market sectors: 
Grown produce 
Fish farming 
Hotels and Leisure 
Industrial heating/cooling of water 
Aquapulse® has been tested and evaluated in the following companies and academic institutes, for which we extend our thanks… 



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