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Improving water efficacy delivers many benefits to dairy farmers 

Milk is composed of 87% water, and lactating cows need 100+ litres per day for feed conversion, hydration, and milk production. (>3.5l of water consumed to produce 1 litre of milk. So a 30 litres a day yielding cow needs access to at least 105 litres of water). 
Milk yield is closely related to water quality, availability, and intake. A lack of water can impact reduced dry matter intakes, lower milk yields and a loss in body condition. 
Research has shown that aesthetic pollutants such as iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide are the most common water-related causes of problems with dairy herds. These pollutants cause tastes or odours that result in reduced water intake and milk production. Other pollutants, such as nitrates or heavy metals, can cause health problems in dairy herds. 
Cows have sensitive sense of smell and will choose not to drink tainted or contaminated water. 
Microbiological and organic biofilm is problematic in the agricultural sector, and especially the dairy sector, the drinking water quality of animals is often neglected. The drinking water may be contaminated with bacteria, which are present in the drinking water systems that are covered with microbiological and organic biofilm.  
What would it be worth to you, if, with a small and easy change to your water, you could improve the efficiency, fertility, herd health and profitability on your farm ? 

By using Aquapulse® Water Technology you will unlock your potential to: 

Increase milk yield 

Improved fertility rates 

Naturally clean water infrastructure 

Reduce chemical usage 

Enhance calf live weight gain 

Reduce somatic cell count 

Improved animal health and reduce medical intervention 

Reduce Bactoscan levels 

Reduce mastitis 

Aquapulse® uses a compound of natural feldspar minerals which make small changes to the physical makeup of the water at a molecular level, which conditions the water and improves its efficacy. 
Because Aquapulse® is a natural, non-chemical technology it is also making a positive contribution to each farm’s carbon footprint reduction, something which we are all under pressure to improve. 
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